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Cube Line

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IC 130 EL

IC 130 EL

Full Ice Cube

Full Ice Cube

Technical parameters:


Dimension [mm]

H x W x D

Output [kg/day]Storage Capacity [kg]Weight [kg]
IC 130 EL 1777 x 715 x 600 125 60 132
IC 130 EW 1777 x 715 x 600 125 60 132

Ice-making system: Injection evaporator


  • L = air-cooled
  • W = water-cooled



  • stainless steel housing
  • power supply 230V / 50Hz
  • recommended ambient temperature for air cooled units +10 to +30°C
  • recommended ambient temperature for water cooled units +10 to +35°C
  • 1 year full warranty service and after warranty service provided


Available options:

  • EL machines can be prepared for attachment to a remote condenser.
  • The Ice Maker prepared to be connected to existing cooling system


Installation information: From a drinking water hardness of 12°dH or a conductivity of 350 μs/cm, the use of appropriately treated water is necessary.


Performance data of all models at ambient temperature of 15°C, water temperature of 10°C (air-cooled appliances) and condensing temperature of 20°C (water-cooled appliances). The capacity of the storage bins and dispensers in kg represents the complete utilization of the entire bin volume available.